TEL:+44(0)1793 694033 Email:

TEL:+44(0)1793 694033 Email:


Quality Management System

qualityimgIEW Ltd has BSi ISO 9001:2008 as our Quality Management System in order to ensure product conformity and delivery to the highest standards. Our Management System continually monitors and improves all processes and procedures, and we have internal annual documented audits to check the effectiveness of the corrective actions taken.


IEW maintains a list of approved suppliers, who are accredited and have a documented supply history. Suppliers are checked to ensure the supply and delivery of component parts are always to a high standard and in keeping with IEW and customer expectations.


All inward parts are checked against the purchase order to ensure compliance. Faulty or non conforming goods are quarantined pending investigation. All items have traceability from goods in to goods out. There is also proper handling on site and correct storage to ensure that goods are not damaged or contaminated.


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