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TEL:+44(0)1793 694033 Email:


Looms, Harnesses

IEW is equipped to offer a complete range of looms and harnesses, using customer drawings, BOM’s or samples. Our experienced staff prepare loom templates and are skilled working with all types of cable.

Looms can be multi stranded assemblies with lacing, cable ties and expandable or heat shrink sleeving.

Each termination can be fitted with connectors; solder-tinned or crimped.

All cables have an ID no matter how minute the cable may be, and all loom cables and connectors are tested and inspected.

We supply looms and harnesses for customers to fit to their product or for use by our own panel section, who integrate them into chassis assemblies or 19” racks.

IEW has a huge range of crimps, connectors and soldered terminals to accommodate customers varied requirements.