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TEL:+44(0)1793 694033 Email:


Ordering, Supply and Delivery

At IEW, we source all materials and component parts from established suppliers, and work to customer specifications. Purchasing is done using BOM’s supplied to ensure that the correct standards are achieved. Should a customer choose to use Free Issue, we will assemble and build accordingly. Sometimes there is a requirement for part Free Issue and part IEW supply.

We know how important availability and supply is to your business and have a Continuity Plan to ensure your requirements will be met at all times.

We offer MRP, Discrete and Kanban ordering systems, and procure, assemble and test to the required specifications.

Delivery is flexible to suit customer requirements. We have our own delivery vehicles, and also make use of Courier Services.

We are proud to provide our services to a large range of companies including multinationals, who demand the highest standards of quality and delivery.