Company Update November 2020

It’s been an unprecedented year for all businesses with great uncertainty around COVID and preparing for operational changes Brexit will bring.  We have had significant change at IEW with the business being purchased by long standing MD Duncan Game and Natalie Game in February 2020. 

Initially, our priority was ensuring the well-being and a safe working environment for all employees and also assessing the impact the pandemic would have on the trading environment. 

The team response at IEW has been incredible, we have a special group of people here. 

Further to this, we have been busy investing in our people with a focus on our core values to help create a positive culture supporting future developments at IEW.

We have also been making some exciting investments in a dedicated fibre optic line, an ATE tester, EV vehicle and some new manufacturing software package to help improve efficiency. We have also placed an order for IEW workwear for all employees. 

It is very much a foundation year to enable us to get the right tools in place to bring another level of Customer satisfaction and add value to the service that we offer. 

We will end our financial year at a similar level as the previous year which, in the circumstances   we feel extremely happy with and again it is testament to the way the team, our suppliers and our Customers have worked to together to make it happen!

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