Environment, Health & Safety

Our Commitment to a Greener Future

At IEW Ltd, embracing a greener future is at the core of our values. We’re not just about electronics; we’re dedicated to making a positive environmental impact.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental considerations guide our decisions and actions. We’re mindful of efficient material use, resource management, and we ensure our employees are part of this mission.

Waste Reduction and Safety

We minimise waste through recycling and reusing. Our commitment extends to avoiding hazardous substances, we assess all materials with COSHH to safeguard our employees’ well-being.

Energy and Sustainability

With a 12,500 sq ft unit and a team of over 60, power consumption is significant. But we’re on a journey towards sustainability. We’ve invested in LED lighting throughout our workshop and office spaces, eliminated plastic cups and switched to reusable mugs, and adopted an eco-friendly air-conditioning system which means we no longer need a gas boiler.  These changes, initially an investment, will benefit both our efficiency and our environment.

A Focused Vision

“Our service constantly improves with a focused approach to investment that aligns with both economic and environmental sensibilities. We believe that conserving energy and reducing pollution isn’t just good for business, but for our staff, our children’s future, and the global environment”.

Duncan Game, MD and owner

Always Prioritising Health & Safety

At IEW Ltd, safety and well-being take precedence. We’re committed to delivering best quality service within a secure and healthy workspace for our employees, visitors, and contractors.  We now have 8 employees trained and certified through IOSH.

Continuous Vigilance

We’re vigilant in identifying potential hazards. If elimination isn’t feasible, risk assessments help us to establish risk mitigation measures. This proactive approach prevents accidents and incidents, upholding our high safety standards.

Ongoing Monitoring

We never compromise on safety. Rigorous monitoring ensures that established control measures remain effective, and our standards are consistently maintained, we communicate regularly with employees including a quarterly review meeting of H&S. 

Employee Collaboration

Our employees play a vital role in enhancing health and safety. We prioritise their development through appropriate training, information, and instruction so they can highlight any concerns.

We’ve invested in a new fume extractor, enhancing our safety measures and working environment. 4 of our employees have just completed a first aid training course to respond swiftly to unforeseen situations. At IEW, safety is and will always be our utmost concern.

Conflict minerals policy

Please see attached our conflict minerals policy.

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