Microchip production factory. Technological process. Assembling the board. Computer expert.
Microchip production factory. Technological process. Assembling the board. Chip. Technician.
Microchip production factory. Manufacturing. Engineering.
Tests electronic equipment.
Circuit Board
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PCB Assembly

IEW offers a complete service for the manufacture and population of PCB boards, from large densely packed boards to small boards with few components.

  • PCB build is mainly Through Hole assembly, all done on site in a well equipped section with full ESD protection
  • Surface Mount Technology is done off site by an experienced and fully accredited partner.
  • Bare boards are manufactured from customer Gerber files.
  • IEW is equipped with a Flow Solder machine in addition to the skilled individual soldering done on site which give us huge flexibility on the production batch size we can offer.
  • We have the capability for visual inspection before dispatch using our Mirtec automatic inspection equipment, ensuring that they are right first time, everytime.
  • Simple to complex, small to large, low to medium volume.
  • Turnkey Projects – IEWs metal and art work is made to customer specifications, and together with cables, PCB’s and looms, a complete unit can be supplied to the customer.
  • IEW is approved to both ISO 9001:2015 and IPC 610 & IPC 620 ensuring that we maintain our world class performance levels for quality.
  • Our purchasing, logistics, production engineering departments work efficiently to keep lead-times short, quality high and costs competitve.

Fast turn Prototypes & Assembly
Now Available
Email: fastturn@iew.co.uk

“Have delivered the units earlier this morning and to say the customer was pleased would be a huge understatement. They are delighted with the concept and execution of this project.”

“Great score for 100% quality, IEW also achieved yet another 100% for delivery! Really great scores so well done everyone at IEW.”

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