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2D & 3D CAD Service

IEW is pleased to announce a new 3D CAD Service using CAD modeling, to enable us to assist the customer to achieve an optimum build at the best price.

Using Siemens 3D CAD Solid Edge we are able to work on assemblies according to customer specifications and create amended drawings for manufacture.

Should the customer require design modifications we are able to assist with drawings before gaining final approval for manufacture.

Fast turn Prototypes & Assembly
Now Available
Email: fastturn@iew.co.uk

“Have delivered the units earlier this morning and to say the customer was pleased would be a huge understatement. They are delighted with the concept and execution of this project.”

“Great score for 100% quality, IEW also achieved yet another 100% for delivery! Really great scores so well done everyone at IEW.”

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