Blundell System 300 Flow Solder Machine: Precision soldering equipment for seamless electronic connections.

Blundell Cropmatic: Advanced precision cutting tool for electronic components.

ATE Cirrus CH+ Test Equipment: High-performance testing system for assessing cable and loom functionality.

MIRTEC AOI Inspection Equipment: Cutting-edge visual inspection technology for quality control in PCB assembly.

Hydraulic Crimpers and Crimping Tools: Tools for efficient and reliable wire termination.

Spool Lifting Machine: Heavy-duty machine designed for lifting and transporting large cables.

Cable Winding Equipment: Specialised machinery for neatly winding cables for storage.

Electric Hoist: Motorised lifting device for heavy components and equipment.

Hydraulic Lift Tables: Versatile tables for safely elevating heavy loads to desired working heights.

Bar Coding Equipment: Technology for labelling and tracking products using barcodes.

Purex Fume Extraction System: High-quality system for removing fumes generated during soldering and other processes.

Bespoke Wire Feeding machine: Customised equipment designed to precisely feed wires for various industrial applications, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in wire handling.

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