Celebrating Four Years at IEW: Pizza, Cupcakes, and Progress

Four years ago, IEW took a significant leap with a Management Buy-out. It’s been quite a journey since then, filled with growth and innovation. To mark this anniversary, we didn’t just do spreadsheets and reports; we had pizza – lots of it, from Falvo Artisan Pizza Co. And they were delicious.

We also had 60 amazing cupcakes, courtesy of our talented colleague Jenny. These weren’t just any cupcakes; they were a testament to our teamwork and creativity.

This celebration wasn’t just about the past four years; it was a big thank you to our team. Their hard work and dedication are what keep IEW moving forward. And as we enjoyed those slices of pizza and cupcakes, we remembered it’s the little things and the big efforts that make our company what it is – not just delivering quality cable assemblies to our customers but also being a great place to work.

We’re not stopping here, though. With our eyes on sustainability, digitisation and more continuous improvement, we’re ready to tackle whatever comes next.

Oh, and did we mention Employee Appreciation Day? That’s right, we took a day to really say thanks to our incredible team. After all, it’s their energy and dedication that make all our achievements possible.

So, cheers to four years, and here’s to many more.

May our journey continue with the same spirit, and hopefully, with even more delicious pizza.

#Sustainability #Innovation #team

About IEW Ltd:

IEW Ltd is a leading provider of innovative electronic manufacturing solutions based in Swindon, South West of England. The company offers a full assembly service for electronic and electrical products, designed to meet the specific needs of its customers. With a focus on quality and reliability, IEW has established itself as a trusted partner in the industry in the region.

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